Please take a little time to read through these recommendations before you go to play at our casino:

We are an entertaining business. That means we are here to make you have fun, nothing more. So please be careful of not spending more money than you can live without. Generally we advice all players that come to us, to decide how much money they want to spend, and bring only that amount from home. That way you avoid getting carried away when losing your stake too fast or in an unlucky fashion.

One rule of thumb is to never spend more than 10% of your monthly income in a month. Doing that might have negative consequences on your life and overall happiness – something we do not wish to contribute to. Therefore we preserve our right to send you home at any time, if we feel you are not capable of managing your own money. This is for your own security, and to improve the mood of the environment in the casino for all other players. We hope you respect this every time you come to play with us.