torontos oldest casino - trikot casinoToronto’s oldest casino

Our casino offers an exclusive environment with high stake tables for the experienced player. We pride ourselves of being one of the oldest casinos in the city and with a very broad player base we have something for everyone – entrance only for +21 years.
At our bar you can have hand made drinks all night, freshly shaken by our very experienced bartenders. Our guests often come just to have a drink, that tells you good our cocktails are.

In the weekends we always run special events. Every week is a new theme that includes different games. Last year we had an all-in night, where Jeremy Anton became a millionaire over night, after just entering with 10.000 CAD! So do not miss out on the next event.


a place with a lot of opportunities - trikot casinoA place with a lot of opportunities

At Trikot Casino there is plenty of opportunity to play American Roulette, Black Jack and play on one of our many slot machines.
In addition, the site Restaurant All-In tempt with tasteful experiences to the hungry and lustful guests who plan a lucrative evening.
Trikot Casino also receives companies and form a creative environment for conferences and meetings.





A casino for everybodya casino for everybody - trikot casino

Trikot Casino is for everyone. The first time you visit us, you will be shown around by a play-guide and introduced to each game.
You get an introduction that makes it easy to get started with the roulette, if you no playing experience.
It is important for us that you feel comfortable about being here.
But most of all, it is that when you walk in through the door, you come to a safe environment, so that you leave here with a smile on his lips.

If you are not from Toronto, you will be happy to hear, that we also have an online casino based where are German roots are: